tisdag 21 september 2010

Hat frenzy!

Well, after knitting my first hat not so long ago, Im totally in love! They are such fast projects and only takes one(or two small) skeins of yarn. Instant gratification rules!

Started a hat...

and finished it the next day!

Wurm in rowan tapestry, needles 4mm

Now I just need to weave in ends and block. I really love the color of the yarn! Cant wait for it to be ready for use :D

Switched the pattern to *p2 rows, k5 rows* and did more decrease rows. Hopfully it will stretch quite a bit when blocking, did only seven repeats of the pattern and its a tad bit short.

Casted on another hat today aswell, here modeled by the, ever so interested, Syntax.

 This will be my first project in acrylics! Or... Well my first finished one anyway ;P

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