fredag 1 oktober 2010

Some FO's

Well, having -a lot- in school atm, so there is not so much knitting as I would  have liked. I did finish up a couple of things though, like the birthday present for my dad (kind of blogged about here)

The armando hat in drops delight and nomotta extra merino, needles 4mm
I just love the color! Sadly, I think it became a tad bit small for him, but he was happy, so Im happy :)

I also finished Malin's mittens some weeks ago

tweedy mittens in raggi, needles 4mm
Now Im just waiting for her to pick em up :)

I have also started on the dreaded second sock! Just need to buy sockblockers so the beautiful pattern will be more visible.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Gör nåt kul för katterna också vettja :D

  2. Haha ja kanske det xD Tror inte dom skulle vilja använda det dock

  3. Those yellow socks are lovely! What's the pattern?

  4. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing the finished pair!

    Your cat is adorable! :)